Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2019a-SP3 (build

Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2019a-SP3 (build

New and/or Adjusted Functionality

  1. Additional options are added to define the PAR Schedule. Next to the number of days the schedule can be set Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly (TICKET 1305)

When Week/Month/Quarter or Year is chosen, the next cycle will start (if conditions are met) a week/month/quarter/year after the start date. If a cycle was skipped (for example the service was not running) the next cycle will start per the settings again.

  1. The Network ID field (in the Employee Table) size has been increased to 60 characters. Further the ability to import the network id has been added to the Open-ERP import. (TICKET 1333)

  1. Delete Role Check (TICKET 1338)

Can not delete a role when this Role is used in

  1. Diagram / Role Relationship

  1. Activity Role

  1. Multi-App Conflict

  1. SoD Rule Role filter

  1. Conflicts Role 1 & 2

  1. Resolution Rule

  1. Authorization

  1. PAR

When a Role is delete the following relationships are also deleted:

  1. Role Owners

  1. Role / Role Group

  1. Employee / Role

  1. Portal Conflict - Restrict Access Mode (TICKET 1340)

When indicating in the web-portal that authorization 1 and/or are to be restricted, the access mode presented from which the access mode is to be selected can only have an access level which is lower then the access level of the authorization to be restricted.

  1. Customizable <Keep Original Value> string (Web-Portal) (TICKET 1343)

This is only applicable in the web-portal. When a multi edit is done in the web portal, <Keep Original Value>  could be shown in a filed. This label is now customizable (please contact Support to change such label)

  1. EZ-Compliance: Baan/LN Menu Import 
  1. The performance of the Menu Import has been improved.

  1. The  Import now handles ttaad2431m000 report for Inclusive/Exclusive mode

  1. The Menu import handles orphan Menus that have their Sessions content in another file.

  1. EZ-Compliance Admin Center: Application Custom Labels renamed to Access Point Custom Labels

  1. EZ-Compliance Admin Center: Role Data

Master Data Role grid, an option has been added to view Roles with/without authorizations:

  1. NT Services: Allow more special characters in SQL Connection's password and removed [ODBCCount]

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved issue with number of selected records with “Select All” option in PAR reviewers page (TICKET 1328)

  1. Resolved issue when executing a Multi Edit on Employees. This multi edit did reset Authentication Mode back to EZ-Control while there was not option selected. (TICKET 1334)

  1. Resolved potential issue with "Update Access Modes" functionality of the Employee Authorizations (TICKET 1347)

When a filter is applied in the Par Reviewer Web Portal Page, the <select all><deselect all> option is disabled. This to avoid that the filtered out records are also selected by this <select all> option. (TICKET 1350)

  1. EZ-Compliance: Increased the index size for Authorizations

  1. EZ-Compliance Conflict Purge (Client)

Resolved issue with Conflict Purge where using a single quote character in the user note would not generate a History/Log record.

  1. EZ-Compliance Copy Repository-to-Repository (Client)

Resolved Fix rare potential issue in Copy Repository-to-Repository when copying expired SoD Rules

  1. EZ-Compliance openERP Import (client) 

Resolved issue when importing "Company Description" in the Open-ERP Import

  1. EZ-Compliance: PAR

Resolved issue where using Cycle Overlap and Warning only. The next cycle was not starting.

  1. DEM Import

Improved handling of none uppercase diagram and role codes

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