Move / Transfer an EZ-Compliance Admin Center License

Move / Transfer an EZ-Compliance Admin Center License

Please follow the steps carefully, one by one.



  1. From a computer still having access to EZ-Compliance, login with an Administrator.

  2. Administration menu -> View/Deactivate Client/PC Dashboard Licenses

  3. Right-click on the original user/PC record and select “De-Activate”. DO NOT click “OK” at this point.

  4. IMPORTANT: Write-down the de-activation confirmation receipt and send it to

  5. Click OK to close the confirmation message

  6. Close this window

  7. Administration menu -> Admin Center Users

  8. Right-click on the original user record and select “Delete”

  9. Right-click in the grid and select “Add”

  10. Select the new employee

  11. From the “EZ-Compliance” section, click “Enabled” and set appropriate permissions.

  12. Click OK to Save and Close this window

  13. Close the Admin Center Users window

  14. Close EZ-Compliance



  1. Use this Installation Guide to help you through the installation of EZ-Compliance Admin Center on the new machine.


  1. Launch EZ-Compliance Admin Center on your new computer

  2. You should face the Registration screen. Try the Online Registration to automatically activate your new PC. If not working, use the “Send by Email” button.

  3. Login with the new user credentials



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