Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2020a-HF1 (build

Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2020a-HF1 (build

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New and/or Adjusted Functionality

 ·         Added Access Level to "Employee Business Function Access" report (TICKET 1485)

The Access Level was added to the Employee Business Function Report. In the situation there were 2 different authorizations related to the same Business Function but with different Access Levels, the report would show 2 lines, which gave the impression of duplications. With the added Access Level this has been resolved

Bug Fixes

 ·         Unhandled exception error when viewing history conflicts (TICKET 1464)

Resolved an unhandled exception error when viewing history conflicts in the EZ-Compliance Client application

 ·         Preventive Role Scan - Access Level=0 (TICKET 1473)

Resolved an issue in the Preventive Scan for Roles. The Preventive Scan did no properly take into account the Authorizations with Access Level = 0. Access Level 0 (BLANK) is now treated as an access level 10.

 ·         PAR - Move to second page - Unable to cast object of type ERROR (TICKET 1474)

The PAR Reviewer, when executing the PAR in the web-portal could get an error message when moving to the second page. This has been resolved.

 ·         Delete Role –Validation Message 

Upon deleting a Role in the EZ-Compliance Client, corrected an issue where an inadequate validation message.

 ·         Delete Business Process Diagrams and Organization Diagrams

Resolved issue when deleting Business Process Diagrams and Business Organization Diagrams. The delete would is certain situations not delete all relationships.

 ·         Diagrams grid

Resolved issue with incorrect data shown in the columns “Created On” and added Columns “Imported On”. The columns “Created On” will now show the Created On Data as present in the DEM Import file. The columns “Imported On” will show the data of the first Import of such Diagram into EZ-Compliance.

 ·         Edit of Business Control Testing Processe Activities

In the EZ-Compliance Client : When the menu option to edit  the In-Use Process' activities Executors are inactive, it was still possible to edit via the keyboard shortcuts (eg, DEL, INS etc) This is now aligned with the menu options.

 ·         Creating ODBC Connection

When creating a new ODBC / Database Connection, the SQL Server Discovery functionality has been improved for stability and performance.


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