Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2020a-SP1 (build

Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2020a-SP1 (build

New and/or Adjusted Functionality 

·         Role Owner by Company Completeness Report (TICKET 1518)

A new report has been added to the Enterprise Access Mgmt Section, Authorization Administration, called Role Owner by Company Completeness Report.


The report will show which Role / Company combinations (present in the Authorizations) do not have an Owner assigned. Note, that a Global Role Owner can be assigned (no company specified). These Roles will not show in the report, since it is assumed that the Global Role Owner is assigned.

 ·         Added % Completed and % Available columns to My Periodical Auth. Reviews: As Reviewer (TICKET 1519)

Columns percentage completed (% completed) and percentage available (% available) are added to the report My Periodical Auth. Reviews: As Reviewer (report id 43). The column-       

  1.    % available          shows the percentage of records available for review; in step 1 this is always 100%; for steps 2,3 and 4 it reflects the number of records which are to be reviewed, versus which records have been reviewed in the previous step(s)-          
  1. % completed     shows the percentage of records which are reviewed versus the total number of available records

·         EZ-Compliance: Ability to add Owners for In Progress PARs

In the EZ-Compliance Client application, it is now possible to Edit/Add Owners of a PAR (Cycle), which is in Progress and/or Pending. In case Owners are added to the PAR, they will receive an email notification that they have been added. 

·         Employee Import => Enhanced log when Account Name is empty (TICKET 1531)

Since the Account/Name are mandatory fields, when doing an import and the Account and/or Name in the Import file is empty, the log will show for which line number of the import file the Account name has no value. 

·         EZ-Compliance: Event Log for Batch Expiration

The Event Log of the Employee Batch Expiration is enhanced so it is easier to read and include more information.


Bug Fixes 

·         SoD "Conflicts Report - Used / Not Used" (TICKET 1502)

Resolved issue for the report SoD "Conflicts Report - Used / Not Used" (Report id 124). The report did show access points which are used as unused. 

·         Password Reset when using AD Authentication (TICKET 1521)

Resolved issue during Portals login were users were asked for password change even if they were Authenticating through Active Directory. Now the password change is no longer asked when AD Authentication is used. 

·         Open-ERP Authorization Import (TICKET 1529)

Resolved issue with the Open-ERP Import function. In the case that the Open-ERP import file has more than 75k lines, the file was not being imported if the import file extension is in Uppercase. 

·         PAR Reviewer Start Notification for Step 2 (TICKET 1535)

Resolved issue with multiple start notification emails for Step 2 Reviewer. 

·         PAR Web Portal Report download issue (TICKET 1543)

Resolved issue when downloading the PAR Report to excel. 

·         PAR Web Portal Report grouping issue

Resolved issue in PAR report where grouped column would be empty when grouping by an "Action" column that has an accompanying Access Mode

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