Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2021b (build

Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2021b (build

New and/or Adjusted Functionality

  1. openERP Import - multiple descriptions same Diagram/Process Object (TICKET 1806)
    When importing authorizations any Master Data object which is included in the import file, but not present in the Master Data, is created. In the situation that the Import file include a Diagram / Process code and more than one description is found the same Diagram / PRocess, the import failed.
    The import (Open-ERP) is adjusted to accept the fact that there could be multiple descriptions for the same (new) diagram/process code, by taking one of the descriptions available (random select) and create the diagram/process with this description.
    To easily maintain the Diagram / Process description in the master diagram grid (Client Application) a new CSV import is included, through which the diagram description can be updated based on this CSV file.

  2. Resolution Rule Web-Portal Report (TICKET 1809) 
    A new web portal report has been added in the SoD Administration section.

    This report shows the Resolution Rules with the following information:
    1. Code
    2. Description
    3. Scanning Mode (A/M)
    4. Expired (Yes/No)Category
    5. Chart Category
    6. Owner
    7. Division
    8. Resolution Status
    9. Resolution Defined (Yes/No)
    10. Resolution Applied (Yes/No)
    11. Delete/Purge (Yes/No)
In the web portal report a contextual menu is available, providing access to additional information. This will open a web portal report per Resolution Rule which shows also the Scope SQL Query and an image of the Resolution Rule Scope as defined in the Resolution Rule. The image of the Resolution Rule is created automatically when saving the Resolution Rule after creation of after editing the Resolution Rule.
To allow existing clients to create all these images without having to open and save each Resolution Rule separately, an option is added in the Client Resolution grid Actions section. This process will open each Resolution Rule and create the image and might take several minutes at which time the client is not available for other work.

  1. Employee Group Category (TICKET 1811)
    A new attribute is added to the object Employee Group. This attribute is called the Employee Group Category and can used for Categorizing the Employee Groups.
    The Employee Group Category is
    1. Alphanumeric
    2. String (no backend table)
    3. Multiple Employee Groups can have the same Employee Group Category
The Employee Group Category is used at the following places in the Application:
EZ-Compliance Client
  1. Periodic Access Review  – Scope Definition
    In the Periodic Access Review Scope definition the Employee Group Category attribute is available for scope creation.
  2. Access Change Request XML Message
    In the incoming ACR XML message the Employee Group Category attribute is added in the
    1. Authorizations section
    2. Users Section
  3. Resolution Rule Scope
    In the Resolution Rule Scope definition the Employee Group Category 1 + 2 are available for scope creation
  4. Copy Data from Repo to Repo|
    In the copying of data from one Repository to another Repository the Employee Group Category is also copied, where applicable
    1. Main Components / Employee Group
    2. Resolution Rules Scope
    3. PAR Scope
  5. Note:
    In the scope definition of the PAR and the Resolution Rule, the attribute Employee Group category added. Since the Employee Group Category is not an attribute of the authorization (and thus not of the conflict) the path used for resolving the Employee Group Category is based on the Authorization Employee Group (1+2). The Employee Group Category as defined for the Authorization Employee Group is used and not on the Employee Group Category linked to the Employee Group which is linked to the Employee. There are no changes to any of the current web-portal reports


  1. Library Comparison and Validation (TICKET 1818) 
    n the situation a Customer has implemented a custom Conflict Rule Library for an Application for which Dynaflow also provides a standard Conflict Rule library, Enhanced functionality is available to do a Comparison and Completeness Validation of such libraries.
    The ability to document related Business Functions is added through the View / Edit Relationships. This can be a n:n relationship.

    In this same Menu Section also the option is available to execute this Comparison and Completeness Validation by selecting the option SoD Rules Library Access Points Cross Business Functions Validity Check.
    This check can be executed for one or more selected Business Functions or for ALL Business Functions.
    This check will validate that the Access Points linked to the Business Function(s) are also linked to  Related Business Function(s) . If the Access Point is not linked to the Related Business Function the missing relationship is reported in a grid. If there is relation to more than one Business Function, the validation is to be done for each linked Business Function
    The Result Grid includes the following columns
    1. Access Point
    2. Access Point Description
    3. Access Point application
    4. Selected Linked Business Function
    5. Selected Linked Business Function Description
    6. Missing Related Business Function
    7. Missing Related Business Function Description

  1. Statistical Analysis of SoD Conflict web portal report (TICKET 1824)
    An additional filter has been added to this report based on the Resolution data associated to the conflict. The filter has 4 options, of which only one can be chosen:



  1. All Conflicts (current functionality)
  2. Active Conflicts: Conflicts for which the Resolution Defined and Resolution Applied are NOT CHECKED
  3. Mitigated / Not Closed; Conflict for which the Resolution Defined is CHECKED and the Resolution Applied NOT CHECKED
  4. Closed/ Mitigated; Conflicts for which Resolution Defined is CHECKED  - AND – Resolution Applied is CHECKED
The report will only include the selected conflicts in the statistics.
  1. Ability to set which columns in the (automated) SoD Conflicts Export (TICKET 1825)
    In Environment Settings, folder SoD Configuration an option is added to indicated which columns are to be exported to excel in the automated conflicts exports (per company)

  1. Conflict Resolution Data (Ticket 1827)
    The EZ-Compliance Client has been enhanced to ensure that when entering conflict resolution data, the same logic is applied as entering conflict resolution data in the Web Portal

    In the web-portal, in the “View Conflict Information” the ability to enter conflict resolution data has been disabled.

    Conflict Resolution data can be enter after selecting one or more conflicts and then clicking the button: Conflict Resolution” at the bottom of the Conflict Report.

    Note that the Authorization 1 and Authorization 2 sections can be expanded and collapsed to see all the details of the underlying authorizations.

Bug Fixes

  1. Update database failed - in case of adding duplicate employee (TICKET 1822)
    When adding  a new Employee with an already existing Employee Account, an error message occurred. This has been resolved, the user will now receive a User Friendly notification that adding the user with this Employee Account is not possible since the Employee Account needs to be unique.
  1. Auto-import of EMPTY open-ERP files prevents deletion (Ticket  1828)
    In the situation there were empty openERP import file(s) [.eza] the automated import was not able to delete these empty file(s) upon completion of the import due to the fact that the file was not properly closed. This issue is resolved. 
  1. ACR XML – Length of Employee Authorization Group Code limited to 25 characters (Ticket 1829)
    In case the ACR XML included an Employee Group which is longer than 25 characters, the XML message was not processed. This issue is resolved.
  1. Multiselect option is not available in the attribute “Authorization 1 or 2 Employee Group Description (Ticket 1832)
    In the resolution rule scope definition, the multiselect option was not available in the attribute “Authorization 1 or 2 Employee Group Description”. This option is now added.

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