Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2022a (build

Release Notes EZ-Compliance 2022a (build

New and/or Adjusted Functionality

Merge of the EZ-Compliance and EZ-Dashboard client (TICKET 1836) 

EZ-Compliance and EZ-Dashboard are merged into one Client Application. The EZ-Dashboard functionality can now be found under the Master Data menu:

Merge of EZ-Compliance and EZ-Language Client (TICKET1870)  

EZ-Compliance and EZ-Language are merged into one Client Application. The EZ-Language functionality can now be found under the “Administration” menu section, option “Web-Portal Language Labels”.

Permission Manual Authorizations Creations (TICKET 1838)

The User Permission to create Manual Authorization was based on the Role/Company Ownership presence. The permission is now explicitly part of the Company Ownership and can be set for the User/Company combination. In the situation the User does not have any Manual Authorization Creation permission the web-page to create will not be available to the user.

Companies – View/Edit Relationships - View Associated Owners

In the View Company Ownerships the Manual Auth Creation Permission column is also added.

Company Owners Web Portal Report (TICKET 1840)

New Web Portal Report Company Owners (id 156), located in the Enterprise Access Mgmt menu section, showing the Owners per Company including the detailed permissions.

View Access Points Parent / Child Relations (TICKET 1839)

The View of the Parent Child Access Point relations is changed to a normal grid instead of a nested structure to improve performance of viewing the data.

Expiring and Deleting Employees

In the situation an Expired Employee is to be deleted but this Employee is still part of a Completed PAR Cycle, the deletion is not possible and the message is improved. Also it is no longer possible to Expire an Employee in the situation this Employee is a Substitute Reviewer of a Completed PAR

Automated SoD Conflicts Export (TICKET 1825)

Added the field Authorization Employee Group Description to the Automated Conflict Export. Further when showing the drop down list these are displayed in alphabetical order

Also the column order of the Conflict Export CSV file is adjusted to groups of information. The information is now grouped as follow:
  1. Employee Information
  2. Authorization 1 Information
  3. Authorization 2 Information
  4. Conflict Rule Information
  5. Conflict Information
  6. Resolution Rule Information
  7. Review Information
  8. Resolution Applied Information
  9. Resolution Closed Information

Import Business Functions with Relations (TICKET 1845)

In the situation the Import File contains a Business Function Owner which is not in the Employee table, the current Business Function was cleared out. This is now resolved and if the Business Function Owner is not present in the Employee table the current value remains.

Import Business Function with Relations (TICKET 1878)

When Importing Business Functions with relations, any Access Point related to the Business Function is created in the Access Point table if not existing. Upon creation the Last Update on Date is set to today, instead of leaving this blank.

Business Function Owner as Periodic Access Reviewer (TICKET 1852)

The Business Function Owner as Periodic Access Reviewer is now only allowed when the Review Level is set to Business Function.

Web-Portal Periodical Access Review (id 47) Filter Builder (TICKET 1853)

The operators “Is Blank” and “Is not blank” are no longer available when creating a filter with use of the Filter Builder. The operator would only return Null Values and not Empty Values, which is the intent. To avoid problems, the operator is not longer available.

openERP Import Log (TICKET 1859)

The openERP Import log is enhanced to include the number of duplicate records (if any) found during the import.

Employee Ownership (TICKET 1861)

An Employee can be Owner of various Objects. Now it is possible to Edit the Ownership also from the Employee Records next to edit from the Object record itself. Through the Employee Contextual Menu the option “View/Edit Ownership” is available where the object can be selected to Edit the Ownership for. This makes maintaining the Ownership easier especially in the situation where the Employee is the Owner of multiple entries of a certain object (eg. Company owner of Company A, B and D)

Control / Company Relationship (TICKET 1862)

The ability to configure the relationship between Controls and Companies is added. This can be done from either Object through the option “View / Edit Relationships”.

Business Control by Companies Web Portal Report (TICKET 1867)

A new Web Portal Report (id 157) is added reflecting the Control to Companies Relationships. The Web-portal Report is accessible from the “Enterprise Risk Mgmt” – “Business Control Mgmt” Menu Section.
The Report includes the following columns
  1. Company (code)
  2. Company Description
  3. Business Control (Code)
  4. Business Control Title
  5. Status (reflecting the Control status)

Business Control Status (TICKET 1864)

The Business Control Status options (Released, In Testing, Expired) are extended with “Canceled”. This status is system controlled and reflects the situation that a control is requested but not approved, which is different from a Control with has been active for some time and then is Expired.
Currently this status is only for information and will be used with future enhancements.

Process Auto Cancelation (TICKET 1865)

In the Process Configuration, the option is added to indicate if the Process Cycle is to be auto-canceled after a defined number of days/hours. If the value is set to 0 (zero) the Process Cycle will not be auto canceled.

If a value (not being 0) is set, the Process Cycle will be automatically canceled after the indicated time of inactivity. Inactivity is refers to User Activity and not System Activity (like for example progress notifications).
Also the ability is added to notify the Executors and/or Process Managers/Owners upon Cancelation. A new message (037) is added for the Cancelation Notification. In case cancelation notifications are to be send to the Executors, only the Executors who worked on the Process Cycle are notified.

Also the Completion notification is split into a separate Notification to the Process Owners/managers (021) and Process Cycle Executors (038). The existing message will only be send to the Process Managers/ Owners and a new message (038) is added to be send to the Process Cycle Executors.

My Business Control Testing Cycles – As one of the Executor(s) (TICKET 1866)

A new Web-Portal Report “My Business Control Testing Cycles – As one of the Executor(s) is added to the Web-Portal in the “My Components” Menu Section. The reports reflects all the Business Control Testing Cycles on which I am one of the Executor(s) across all the Work items of the Cycle.

All these 3 reports includes the following columns:

  1. Business Control
  2. Business Control Title
  3. Business Control Owner
  4. Scheduled Testing Date
  5. Testing Schedule Date
  6. Testing Schedule Status
  7. Cycle (Code)
  8. Cycle Status
  9. Archived
  10. Testing Process
  11. Testing Process Description
  12. Testing Conclusion Date
  13. Conclusion Status
From each of the Cycles in the report the Contextual Menu can be accessed, given access to more detailed information related to this cycle

Periodic Access Review – Scope Query Builder Helper (TICKET 1869)

In the Periodic Access Review Scope Query Builder helper, the field “Employee Type” is added to be used in the scope definition of the Periodic Access Review

Control Cycles Status Changes – Pending (TICKET 1874)

In the situation that a Control Cycle Status Change is Pending (to be processed) the ability to Change the work Item status from the client is blocked. As soon as the Cycle Status change has been applied, the Work Items Status change is possible again. This will prevent possible conflicting status changes between the Work Item and the Cycle.

Control Cycle Status Aborted renamed to Canceled (TICKET 1875)

The Control Cycle Status Aborted is renamed to Canceled to reflect better the functional situation.

Periodic Access Review As Reviewer Reports (id 45 and 47)

These reports will now also show the Periodic Access Review Cycle Description and not only the Code.

Button change from “OK” to “Close”

Changed button "OK" in some popup selector with "Close".  For example: PAR Owner, Environment Settings 'SoD Conflicts Columns'

Periodic Access Review -  Owners vs Ad-Hoc Owners

The Periodic Access Review Owners are the Owners as defined in the Periodic Access Review itself. It is possible to Add additional Owners, these are added only to the specific Cycle. The Menu options and grid showing the Owners now show this difference.

Ad-hoc PAR Owners are Owners only assigned to the particular PAR Cycle and will not carry forward to next cycles, while the Owners not being Ad-hoc are the Owners which will be on every Owner on every PAR Cycle.

Report Periodic Access Review (As Reviewer) ID  43

In the situation no records are available for review the percentage completed showed 0%. This is changed to show 100% (since there is nothing to review).

EZ-Compliance Web-Portal: Adjust BCT Cycle History grid Height

In the Web Portal the height of the Cycle Work Item History pop-up window is adjusted to make used of the full pop-up window.

Bug Fixes

Performance “My Periodical Access Reviews (As Reviewer) (TICKET 1779)

Improved performance of the Web Portal Report “My Periodical Access Reviews”. Further resolved an issue with the “Select All’ option is grouped by “% Completed”.

openERP Import with different descriptions for the same Diagram/Process (TICKET 1806)

Resolved the issue that new Diagrams/Processes were not created in the situation there were multiple descriptions for the same Diagram/Process

Resolution Rule Preview Conflicts (TICKET 1833)

Resolved the issue that in the Preview Conflicts the column Company 2 did not show any values.

Web-Portal Report Periodical Authorization Review  (id45) Export to Excel (TICKET 1847)

Resolved an issue with the Export to Excel of this Report. The export resulted in the technical id’s instead of the Step Action Labels.

Web-Portal Periodical Access Review (id 47) Select All / Unselect All (TICKET 1850)

Resolved the issue that in the situation the Report is grouped by Step 3 Action, the Select All / Unselect All is not working

Web-Portal Periodical Access Review (id 47) Grouped by Business Function (TICKET 1851)

Resolved the issue that in the situation the Report is Grouped by Business Function no Records for review are shown.

openERP Import with Auth Emp Group, Auth Parent AP and Top/Parent Menu (TICKET 1858)

Resolved the possibility of an error when importing the authorization utilizing the openERP and the fields Authorization Employee Group, Authorization parent Access Point and Top/Parent Menu are included. The resulting authorizations could result in having duplicates records per the signature definition resulting in an error upon import.

Testing Cycle Event History (TICKET 1863)

In the event an User would remove a document from a Testing Cycle, the Event would not show the User who removed the Document. This is resolved and going forward the User who removed the document will show in the Cycle Event History.

Business Function Delete (Ticket 1871)

Resolved the issue that an error occurred in the situation that a Testing Schedule is associated with a Business Control and the User was deleting this Business Control.

Employee Import Configuration (TICKET 1872)

Resolved an issue with loading the Employee Import Configuration File (manually). In the situation an Employee Import Configuration was saved with the “Only Update Existing Employees (New Employees will be Skipped)” checked, and upon loading this configuration file  when manually importing Employees, the checkmark “Only Update Existing Employees (New Employees will be Skipped)”  was not set, while it should.
In the dialogue used to manually import Employees, the label “Do not import Duplicated Employee Accounts (CSV only) was incorrect and has been adjusted to “Email Notification to SOD Committee upon Employees Duplicates (CSV only)”.

Periodic Access Review – Scope Query Builder Helper (TICKET 1880)

In the Periodic Access Review Scope Query Helper, some fields did not support NULL values which caused the resulting Query not to select all records configured. This is now resolved and going forward the created Query will also include NULL values if an empty values for the attribute is selected.

DEM Access Scan – Load Saved Settings error (TICKET 1883)

Resolved an issue with loading the Saved Settings (manual access scan). In the situation the Settings did not include the use of Sub-applications the loading resulted in an error.

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