EZ-Compliance detected that another scan is already running. To preserve scan integrity, please retry later.

EZ-Compliance detected that another scan is already running. To preserve scan integrity, please retry later.

To ensure data integrity, only one scan can be running at a given time. When this message occurs, another scan is running thus youshoudl try to run the scan at a later time.

This message can also occur when a scan was cancelled or stopped on system level. In such situation, the parameter indicating that a scan is running is most likely not reset.

If you are 100% sure thta no other scan is running against this environment the parameter cna be reset manually by the following process:

- EZ-Compliance Client Admin
- Go To Administration / Database Query Utility
- Open the dialogue
- Enter in the top box (SQL Query) the following: update environ set scanning=1
- Click Execute Query (F5)

This will reset the parameter and another scan can be started. 


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